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A new framework for research and knowledge sharing in occupational medicine.

DOC*X is a nationwide database on exposure in the occupational environment containing information on labour market affiliation, industry and job type for all Danish residents covering the years from 1964 to 2013. The database is built upon a large number of adminmistrative registers, and enables possibilities to carry out research of the links between the occupational environment, health and in both short and longer time periods.

DOC*X occupational exposure assessment is based upon newly developed and revised job-exposure matrices, describing the intensity and probability of various exposures e.g. noise, dust, heavy lifting, prolonged sedentary work, and psychosocial factors within different job types and industries. The database gives unique possibilities to investigate, how the occupational environment affects the health.

DOC*X is an open research database, aiming to provide access to high quality data for both Danish and international researchers. The database is housed at Statistics Denmark.


Exposures at work


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Biomechanical workload

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  • Psychosocial work environment factors

Psychosocial work environment factors