A report is available describing 12,653 dust measurements from wood related industries from Denmark, Finland, UK, France, Norway, Netherlands. Methodology similar to the paper on modelling of occupational respirable crystalline silica exposure for community-based studies (Peters S, et al. Modelling of occupational respirable crystalline silica exposure for quantitative exposure assessment in community-based case-control studies. J Environ Monit. 2011 Nov;13(11):3262-8).

Reference: Basinas I, Liukkonen T, Sigsgaard T, et al. Statistical modelling and development of a quantitative job exposure matrix for wood dust in the wood manufacturing industry. Occup Environ Med 2016; 73.

Contact information: Vivi Schlünssen,, Department of Public Health, Danish Ramazzini Centre, Aarhus University, Aarhus, Denmark

Access: To obtain access to data follow the application procedure on this site. You will find an overview of the access posibilies to the JEM  here  Hent dokument.

Exposure: Airborne inhalable wood dust exposure

Coverage: All ISCO-88 codes – 18 with exposures different from 0, these are:

6141                    Forestry workers and loggers

7124                    Carpenters and joiners

7129                    Building frame and related trades workers not elsewhere classified

7131                    Roofers

7132                    Floor layers and tile setters

7312                    Musical instrument makers and tuners

7330                    Handicraft workers in wood,textile, leather and related materials

7331                    Handicraft workers in wood and related materials

7420                    Wood treaters, cabinet-makers and related trades workers

7421                    Wood treaters

7422                    Cabinet makers and related workers

7423                    Woodworking machine setters and setter-operators

8140                    Wood-processing- and papermaking-plant operators

8141                    Wood-processing-plant operators

8240                    Wood-products machine operators

8285                    Wood and related products assemblers

9212                    Forestry labourers

9313                    Building construction labourers.

 Job title and industry classification system: The JEM uses the ISCO88, which is almost equal to the Danish DISCO-88.

Calendar period: The JEM covers years 1978-2004. Values are provided for 1997, with a 8.1% yearly decline between 1978 and 2004.

Measures of exposure: Unit of measurement is geometric mean level of wood dust in mg/m3.

Uncertainty in exposure measures: Standard error of predictions are available.

Demographic dimensions: The JEM has no geographical dimensions within Denmark. Country specific estimates are available.