Short text describing the JEM: DOC*Noise provides estimates of mean noise exposure during workshifts from 89 different DB-07 industry and 101 DISCO-88 codes. An expert based qualitative EM for all remaining DB-07 industries and DISCO-88 classified occupations will be combined with the quantitative noise exposure measurements as shown by Peters et al. (2011).

Contact information: Zara Ann Stokholm, Henrik Kolstad.

Reference: Kock S, Andersen T, Kolstad HA, Kofoed-Nielsen B, Wiesler F, Bonde JP. Surveillance of noise exposure in the Danish workplace: a baseline survey. Occup Environ Med 2004; 61: 838-43.

Access: To obtain access to data follow the application procedure on this site. You will find an overview of the access posibilies to the JEM  here  Hent dokument.

Exposure: Occupational noise exposure dB(A).

Coverage: All occupations described by DISCO-88. All industries within DB-07.

Job title and industry classification system: DISCO-88, DB-07.

Calendar period: Data was collected 2001-2010. Assumptions were made for previous calendar years.

Measures of exposure: Noise measured as mean noise exposure during work shift in three categories: <80, 80-84, ≥85 dB(A).