Name:  In DOCX there are three JEMs describing work-related violence either as an independent JEM describing only work-related violence or as a subgroup in JEMs concerning psychosocial work environment and ergonomic. The three JEMs varies according to job title & industry classification system, data source and finally calendar period, see table below. JEMSBBH-88 and JEMSBBH-08 are based on the same data source, calendar period but include different job title and industry classification systems.




Ida E H Madsen, Annemette Coop Svane-Petersen, Andersen et al.  Work-related violence and depressive disorder among 955,573 employees followed for 6.99 million person-years. The Danish Work Life Course Cohort study: Work-related violence and depression. J Affect Disord. 2021 Jun 1;288:136-144.

Madsen, I.E.H., Svane-Petersen, A.C., Holm, A., Bonde, J.P., Burr, H., Framke, E., Melchior, M., Rod, N.H., Sivertsen, B., Stansfeld, S., Sørensen, J.K., Virtanen, M., Westerlund, H., Rugulies, R., 2018. In: Study protocol for analyses on the prospective association of work-related violence, and decision latitude with risk of depression in The Danish Work Life Course Cohort (DAWCO).


Madsen IEH, Gupta N, Budtz-Jørgensen E, et al. Physical work demands and psychosocial working conditions as predictors of musculoskeletal pain: a cohort study comparing self-reported and job exposure matrix measurements. Occup Environ Med 2018; 75: 752-8.

Contact information: Ida E. H. Madsen, ; Reiner Rugulies, ; Andreas Holtermann, (all affiliated at the National Research Centre for the Working Environment, Copenhagen, Denmark)

Access: To obtain access to data follow the application procedure on this site. You will find an overview of the access posibilies to the JEM  here  Hent dokument.

Demographic dimensions: For all three JEMs demographic are available for sex and age.

Measures of exposure: All of the JEMs are based on the same self reported single items question but with different response options, see table below.